I wanted to reach out to you sooner but needed a moment to get my thoughts and emotions together. My hopes are now rising when I see how people from different corners of the world are collaborating and sharing more than ever, even from a distance.  We see the optimistic signs of how nature is starting to heal itself and how wildlife is coming back.The virus has forced us all to slow down and reflect, about our world and ourselves. I believe that this has given us the chance to create a different future. A world where values, ethics, and respect for nature and humanity are high on the agenda. And I believe we women have to take the lead. By the choices we make and the conversations we have, with our children, sisters and friends. By supporting each other, our communities and local small businesses. By standing up for what we believe in.
Being a young company, we are adapting to this new situation the best we can.  Our Italian seamstresses were just about to start with our production when Italy closed down.


Now I’d like to send them a message, letting them know that once all this has passed, they will have a job to come back to. Their resilience and strength inspire me to work even harder to keep on providing the world with ethical, long-lasting and empowering swimwear made in a true way.

I have big dreams for Demadly, and I’m eager to show you what we have in store. For the sunny happy days at the beach that will come. And to wear when doing brave cold baths a la Wim Hof. Meanwhile, take care of each other and stay safe, positive and healthy!

Love and light,


Founder Demadly