A Weekend Getaway to Iconic hotel Il Pellicano


About Helena

Who: Helena

Does: Designer

Lives: Stockholm

Helena’s choice: Hotel Il Pellicano, Italy



Helena speaks warmly about Il Pellicano so I’m curious. What’s so special about this hotel?

Come here and relax, feel calm in an absolutely wonderful atmosphere. Il Pelllicano is luxurious and at the same time relaxed. You really feel that the owners and staff make every effort to make me feel comfortable.

A weekend of uncompromising, relaxed luxury -Hotel Il Pellicano, located in southern Tuscany, Italy is an amazing place to visit. Beautifully framed by the sea and the greenery all around.

The fantastic couple Michael Graham and Patsy Daszel bought this property in the 50s, for it was a perfect background for their love and a excellent location in which to establish a selected club for future guests.

During the 60s and 70s Hotel Il Pellicano was the destination of choice for the international jetset crowd. Politicians, royal families and film stars all holidayed at the hotel, attracted by the atmosphere of understated glamour and the breath-taking views and the loved-up hosts. The hotel continues to ooze this glitzy heritage, making its guests feel at home but in a glamorous way, just like a film star.

Tell me about a weekend at Il Pellicano! How does your perfect weekend look like?

We usually arrive (a bit tired of the trip) in the afternoon and then it is wonderful to start your stay with a dip in the private pool belonging to our suite. The dinner is perfect for taking in the hotel’s restaurant. Michelin starred Chef Michelino Gioia relishes the bountiful produce of Italy giving individual ingredients due respect, allowing each to stride across your palate with pride.

Every morning, freshly caught fish and nourished vegetables come to the hotel kitchen, so a dinner here will be pure enjoyment – framed by piano music and adorable views. Doing a boat trip is a must when you are here – the whole family loves to snorkeling in the crystal clear waters. We usually finish the afternoon at the beach club with a classic cocktail.

If you are interested in wine, there are several local vineyards nearby. We visited the Antinori family’s Le Mortelle and Tenuta di Monteverro where the red clay soil, sun and sea combine for some exceptional Vermentino. Not far from Il Pellicano there are several picturesque villages with narrow streets and small shops, bars and restaurants.

The hotel also has a lovely small boutique where you can shop from their curated selection, for instance this iconic Il Pellicano tote bag.

The meeting with Helena and the love we share for Italy became the inspiration to create a Demadly in the spirit of Il Pellicano. Rose top and Sol bottom in a beautiful retro mix of buttercup yellow and off-white. Yellow is the color of the intellect. A color known to create enthusiasm for life and awaken greater confidence and optimism. It will empower you!


Rose + Sol in Buttercup Yellow

Are you going on vacation soon? If so, remember to pack your Demadly pieces. You always look your best when you wear it.

Lots of love,