Demadly was founded by Swedish management consultant-turned-designer, Madeleine Forssell in Northern Sweden in 2016.


Our story

As a voracious traveler, I’ve been traveling and living all over the world, but nowhere could I find a bikini that not only looked good but felt comfortable and stylish to wear. Either there were hard seams cutting into the skin making me feel uncomfortable or saggy qualities that quickly lost their shape, or they weren’t very classy.

Throughout the years I met so many women who felt insecure and overexposed on the beach, due to swimwear that didn’t give them what they deserved. In Brazil, women wear -regardless of their size or age- tiny bikinis with such grace and dignity, proud of themselves. I wanted to bring that feeling back to Europe, but in a cut and shape that fit our Scandinavian style – stylish, flattering and durable.

It’s all about enhancing the figure and the natural beauty of the woman wearing it.  To make the swimwear work with you, not against you. If a bikini doesn’t have the right balance of stylishness, fit and quality –it’s pointless.


Founder and Creative Director


Our philosophy is that swimwear, as all fashion, should have a meaning. It should contribute to a better world, for all of us.

Demadly is made for the woman who favors quality over quantity, who invests in what she wears. Our inspiration comes from our homeland, the vast wilderness of Northern Sweden with it’s powerful nature and stark contrasts of hot summers and cold winters, of Northern Lights and Midnight Sun. It’s in the contrasts that life becomes interesting, and that we want to bring into our designs.

Demadly is carefully sculptured to enhance the female body with the highest level of fit, with the back as meticulously designed as the front.

Every body is unique, therefore we design all pieces to be sold separately. By creating curated individual statement pieces that works independently and together, rather than collections, Demadly seeks to provide each woman with the possibility to mix and match her own unique style. Instead of starting from scratch every season we build upon our experience, listening to our customers and incrementally improving each piece over time.

We are constantly pushing Demadly forward, and in dialogue with the women who wears Demadly, we are ensuring that every new piece is even better than the last.


Our dedication to an ethical production stands at the forefront of what we do and how we do it. We only source the finest materials -in terms of longevity, durability and quality. Made in Italy, our fabrics are integral to our company’s ethos and mission of creating lasting high fashion swimwear made in an eco-compatible way, supporting and sculpting the female figure. All our materials are OEKO-TEX® certified as free of harmful and toxic substances, for our skin as well as the environment.

Demadly is designed in Sweden and hand crafted with care by true textile artisans in a second generation factory outside Milan, in Northern Italy. Founded in the 60s by Gianna and her late husband, the factory is today run by their two sons who also lives in the same local village. A factory with a strong sense of passion and pride in their craftsmanship, with a long legacy of working together with leading Italian luxury fashion houses.