Demadly combines high fashion, exquisite craftsmanship and luxurious materials with influences from native Nordic art.

The soul of Demadly has its roots close to the Arctic Circle. In the vast wilderness of Northern Sweden, its old folklore traditions and contrasting color settings.

Her style took shape during her voyages to the distant corners of the world and her passion for beachwear came to life along the seashores of faraway lands. Awakened by the sensual femininity of the captivating women she met, that effortlessly carried themselves with grace.

Her intuition is her superpower. Her inner core contains her wild-at-heart and brave Viking strength. She embraces life with curiosity, and is always true to herself. Demadly is an independent spirit forging her own path, confident that all is possible. ❥

Lots of love,


Founder and Creative Director


DEMADLY was founded in 2016 by Madeleine Forssell. A native Swede, born in the far north close to the Arctic Circle. With plenty of winter, her hunt for endless summers begun at an early age. A keen curiosity to see the distant corners of the world brought her eventually to South America and Buenos Aires where she lived during several years. There she found her passion for swimwear, captivated by the way the proud Argentinean women wore their bikinis and carried themselves with grace. Many years after her return to Sweden, the notion to invent the perfect cut high quality bikini came to her. Inspired by her Nordic heritage with its old Norse traditions and closeness to the wild nature, DEMADLY’s signatures include braids and tassels. Designed in-between the hometown of Skellefteå and her current base Stockholm, the garments are hand crafted with care by true textile artisans in a second generation factory in Italy.