Rinse right away

For best results rinse the swimsuit abundantly with clear water each time you bathe (for instance by wearing it into the shower), and wash when you get home. This will minimize the amount of time harsh agents like sunscreen, perspiration, salt, and chlorine are in the fabric.


Do not leave rolled up wet


Take your Demadly and gently wash it by hand in warm soapy water. To remove any stains, gently massage the soap in the dirty area. 

Be gentle

Since sunscreen ingredients will stick to fabrics just as tenaciously as they do to skin, you may have to scrub a little if there are any white stains. Just be gentle. 

Avoid twisting

Rinse off and avoid ringing or twisting.

Dry right

Let your Demadly dry flat, preferably in the shade.

After the endless search for The Soap to bring along on our travels, we finally found a vegetarian soap handmade from Stockholm’s historic silk mill Sidenvaveri. This soap is also fragrance and chemical free, good for you and the environment.

Our Demadly team swears by this soap when traveling. Just toss this powerful little soap in you suitcase and you’re covered!

You can find the soap here