My guide to the instant body boosters


My favorite way to start each morning is by grabbing a coffee and going out for a powerwalk in nature, preferably by the sea or in the woods. Before breakfast it is claimed to burn more fat and mentally, it really sets the tone for the day. If I can finish my round with a quick bath in the sea or a lake, it’s even better.



I swear by this app, 7. It’s a seven minute work-out regime with 12 exercises lasting 30 seconds each. We all have 7 minutes to spare and with Instructor Drill Sergeant screaming out orders, there’s nothing to do but to comply. You will instantly feel stronger, tighter and not to talk about mood raising endorphins.



Dehydration leads to indigestion and toxin build-up, aka fat deposits. So make sure you drink enough water. Check the color of your urine: if it’s very dark, you’re dehydrated. It it’s translucent drink less -a pale straw color is best.

For face hydration I use hyaluroic acid serums or sheet masks. Use them on the flight (or the day before and when arriving). For the body I love coconut oil.



I just read in Porter Magazine that soaking in a bath filled with 1kg Himalayan salt is claimed to have the same detoxing effect as a three-day fast. “The salt mimic the 80 trace elements found in the body and draw out toxins. Pre-vacation use twice weekly for 30 minutes and drink plenty of water afterwards”, according to Dr Barbara Hendel. I have just tried this for the first time and will evaluate if it works.



I don’t eat much meat nowadays and I heard of a supplement called L-carnitine. L-carnitine is an amino acid (a building block for proteins) that is naturally produced in the body. You get it from eating meat, chicken, dairy, fish, beans and avocado. Vegans tend to get less carnitine from food. It’s said that a daily dose of L-carintine could kick-start a sluggish metabolism and help the body convert fat to fuel.



Some of the best detoxifiers are pomegranates, beets, cranberries and raspberries. It is said that they boost lymphatic function and help thin bile, which apparently is a major regulator of the immune response in the gut and responsible for as much as 40 percent of our body’s ability to regulate weight. I have a fresh made juice everyday of beets, carrots (good for your skin color), ginger and lemon.



Or at least cut them down. Eat more veggies and lean meat or vegan options and choose bread, pasta or wine but not everything together every day. Cutting carbs, grains, sugar and potatoes for a week or two before going beach side makes me feel less bloated and I clearly notice a difference.


Last but not least, every body is a bikini body and curves look amazing. It all comes down to feeling comfortable in your own skin and be confident about it. You are gorgeous and completely unique -no one is you and that’s your biggest asset. Choose swimwear that enhances your assets and smooths the places you don’t want to draw attention to. Skip whatever is trendy for the moment and choose a cut, color and style that works well for you.

I wish you a lovely holiday,

xx Madeleine