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The Great Pause

26 Apr 2020

We are all in this together. This unprecedented worldwide pause. Thoughts and reflections by founder Madeleine Forssell.

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A note from our founder

27 Mar 2020

Dear Demadly friends with hope for better times and positive changes. For sure a BEFORE and AFTER. How we will never take the health of the two homes we live in -our bodies and our nature -for granted again. Physically apart but closer than ever. For our community, for all of us. In this together.

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Swimwear Care Guide

23 Nov 2019

How To Care For Your Swimsuit? Sunscreen and oils can quickly stain a swimsuit. Especially a white bikini can quickly be ruined if you don’t take care of it. Here is our guide to taking care of your Demadly. 

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Our insider guide to Ibiza and Formentera

02 Aug 2019

I fell in love with Ibiza on my first visit. It’s something magical about this island. It has a very free-sprited and welcoming luxe-bohemian vibe to it, Formentera is it’s little sister, located with boat some 30 minutes south. An amazing little island and a true vacation spot. Forget fancy DJs and clubbing. Formentera is […]

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How to feel leaner

25 Jul 2019

Vacation is coming up and you have been busy doing everything (work, deadlines, kids, household chores) so you haven’t had time to get beach ready. I know how that feels. Here is my quick-fix to get in a (mental) bikini body state of mind.

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Nordic bath ritual

20 Jul 2019

The North has a long tradition of saunas and cold baths. Before we had running water indoors, it was the way to get clean during the long cold winters. The Nordic bathing ritual relaxes tired muscles, detoxifies and boosts circulation.

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Which color for my skin tone

05 Mar 2019

Getting the right swimwear color for your skin tone can make all the difference. But how to choose colors that best flatter your skin tone? Choosing the wrong color can make your skin and hair appear dull, while the right colors for your skin tone can make you look vibrant.  Look inside for my best […]

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A weekend getaway with stylebylojs

20 Oct 2018

While days getting shorter and colder in Sweden, we look to South of Europe for weekend getaways that allows us to enjoy the sunshine and warm days by the beach. A few days ago I met with my friend, the Swedish Interior Designer Louise Hjorth. Our talk went — for some reason — into weekend […]

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A weekend getaway with Ida-Sofia Klingspor TO Île de Rè

12 Aug 2018

A Weekend Getaway to Île de Ré The PR pro and entrepreneur Ida-Sofia Klingspor reveals her favorite off-the beaten track travel destination.

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