The Great Pause

by Madeleine Forssell

For the first time, maybe in history, we are all on the same side. We against the Covid-19. That’s our war. The common enemy is Covid-19. Even in this odd time of uncertainty, anxiety and sorrow, the heartwarming feeling of unity, of togetherness is strong.

I got stuck in Barcelona when the lockdown begun on March 14 and tomorrow our 7th week of confinement begins, likely the toughest in the western world. We have basically only been allowed to go out to get food and medicine. Starting today, Spainish government has eased the restrictions and finally allowing children to go out for fresh air and movement, for an hour a day, acoompanied by a parent.

Since physical distancing measures have been put in place in country after country, I’ve been blown away by how businesses and individuals have used technology to bring people and communities together. To share and contribute.

I’m sitting on my balcony having my breakfast, looking done on the lush street where the trees have turned green. Temperature is rising and it’s starts to feel like an early Swedish summer. In other words, lovely! There is almost no traffic so we can hear the birds singing, neighbours out on the balconies talking, someone is playing music bringing a summer feeling to it all. At 8pm every night we are all out on our balconies, clapping our hands showing our gratitude for the (health care) workers on the front line. But also to see each other, to join in our togetherness. After the 4 minute applause, we shout a “Bona nit” goodnight to our neighbours and we all go inside again. To have dinner, watch Netflix, have video calls with our family and friends or do some workout.

From May 2, restrictions will most likely further be removed. Maybe we all can go out there then, to exercise and get lots of fresh air. In our second home, with is mother nature. Hopefully bringing this feeling of warm togetherness with us.

Let’s make the experience a little easier and share our collective knowledge. What have you found helpful while social distancing? Let’s stay connected, supporting and caring. I’d love to hear from you. In this together.

Love, xxxx Madeleine