What color to wear?

Getting the right swimwear color for your skin tone can make all the difference. Often I for instance see women with a pale skin wearing black when it actually looks too harsh on them. Instead a midnight blue would be much more flattering, enhance their skin tone and  and give a sophisticated elegant touch. When women come to me for personal fittings they often have one idea of what color that suits them best but end up with another. Below I have tried to gather by best advice but nothing beats a live or video personal fitting session. So if you would like help, send me an email at madeleine@demadly.com and I will personally help you out.


What is skin tone?

Although there is a very wide range of tones, there are only two basic types of skin tone: warm and cool. Warm complexions have yellow undertones, whereas cool complexions have pink undertones. Though your skin may grow lighter or darker depending on how tan you are, your skin tone will remain constant.


Do you look best with silver or metal jewelry?

One way of finding out with skin tone you have is to look at necklaces or bracelets to analyze your coloration. Under good natural lighting, look at how your skin appears against silver and gold color of jewelry (use necklaces, rings or bracelets).

  • Which metal makes your skin look brighter and healthier?

  • If you prefer gold against your skin, you are warm-toned.

  • If you prefer silver against your skin, you are cool-toned.



Earthy colors like khaki, brown + midnight blue are a perfect match for cool-toned skin with pink undertones.

Bright colors like orange and yellow looks amazing on a dark and sun kissed skin. Avoid these colors if your skin tone is very pale or pink undertone. Also nude and sand colors look fantastic.

White, black, zebra and leopard are classy, anytime go-to colors that suits most skin tones and styles.