Fashion is one of the largest industry polluters in the world, the second dirtiest industry in the world, next to Big Oil. With water pollution, toxic chemical use and textile waste: fast fashion comes at a huge cost to the environment.

Did you know?

-20% of industrial water pollution coming from the dyeing and treatment of textiles

-Estimated 15% of textiles is becoming waste already in the cutting rooms

-79 billion m² of water is consumed yearly in apparel industry

-Globally people wear only about 20% of their wardrobe

-12,7 million tonnes of clothes is thrown away (becoming land-fill or being burnt) each year


We believe in choosing top quality materials that are free of toxic and harmful substances, so it’s better for your body and the environment. Garments that are produced nearby and in factories that treat their workers well. With clean energy and internal processes that reduces the amounts of waste.

Demadly is made in a family-owned factory in a small village outside Bergamo, Italy. Our fabrics and trims are produced in the same region, within 1 hour from our factory. We use Econyl whenever possible. It’s a regenerated nylon fiber made out of fish-nets and other nylon waste.

Econyl fiber


When you buy a Demadly you can be sure that the amazing women in production -like Antonella, our head seamstress  -get fair wages and work normal hours, to ensure all Demadly pieces are of highest standard.

Antonella sewing Demadly


Wish you all a lovely Friday, xx Madeleine❥


Head seamstress at our factory making a Demadly bikini