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Demadly is a brand that aims to empower and instill self-assurance through its luxury swimwear collection. Founder Madeleine's personal experiences led her to realize the lack of swimwear that truly reflected her essence and made her feel comfortable and confident. Determined to create the ultimate bikini, she embarked on a journey of research and self-guided education.

During her exploration, Madeleine discovered a groundbreaking patented textile fiber known for its durability, outlasting traditional fabrics by up to tenfold. With a commitment to every aspect of swimwear, she addressed the issues that had troubled her before, such as uncomfortable seams, shape loss, and unflattering designs. Armed with this knowledge, she spent two years revolutionizing swimwear construction to align it with the natural contours of the female body.

After an extensive search, she found an exceptional production partner in a family-owned factory near Milan, Italy, renowned for its impeccable craftsmanship and collaboration with prestigious Italian luxury fashion houses. This partnership gave birth to a new genre of swimwear that embodies timelessness, sophistication, and ethical principles, utilizing non-toxic materials to protect both the environment and the wearers.

Taking inspiration from the enchanting Nordic aesthetics of her homeland, the Swedish Lapland, Demadly infuses its designs with allure. Drawing from the rich narratives and traditions of the indigenous Sami people, Demadly incorporates shamanic braids, tassels, and golden symbols.

Within a year of its launch, Demadly achieved a remarkable milestone as the first-ever Swedish swimwear brand to grace the runways of Miami Swim Week. Our signature styles have since gained popularity among Hollywood celebrities and European princesses. However, our true success lies in the transformative experience each customer has when wearing a Demadly creation, feeling like a radiant presence on the sun-kissed shores.

Each Demadly piece is meticulously sculpted, with careful attention to detail to accentuate the female form and ensure an unparalleled fit. Our designs prioritize both the front and back, allowing every angle to radiate elegance. Departing from traditional collections, we curate individual statement pieces that can harmonize independently or together, enabling women to create their own unique style. We value our customers' feedback and continuously strive to exceed their expectations with each new creation.

In a world driven by fleeting fashion and transient trends, Demadly believes in crafting swimwear that transcends time. Our pieces are meant to accompany wearers on countless sun-drenched adventures for years to come, offering a testament to the belief that fashion can be enduring and timeless.