Our philosophy is that swimwear, as all fashion, should have a meaning. It should contribute to a better world, for all of us.

Demadly is made for the conscious woman who favours quality over quantity, who invests in what she wears. Derived from my homeland, Lappland in the Arctic Sweden with it’s powerful nature, folkloric tales and contrasts of Northern Lights and Midnight Sun.

Demadly is carefully sculptured to enhance the female body with the highest level of fit, with the back as meticulously designed as the front. By creating curated individual statement pieces that works independently and together, rather than collections, Demadly seeks to provide each woman with the possibility to mix and match her own unique style. We are constantly pushing Demadly forward, listening to our Demadly women and ensuring that every new piece is even better than the last.

In 2016, DEMADLY set out to revolutionise women's swimwear, launching a new generation of products built with intention and purpose. Our mission is to make women feel confident, comfortable and beautiful in their own skin. We believe that fashion does not have to be fast or seasonal. Instead we create luxury timeless pieces that can be worn for many seasons to come. 


Founder's story: 

"Before I created Demadly, I was traveling around the world in ill-fitting swimwear that made me feel uncomfortable and not really like my best self (half-naked on the beach). I was sincerely a frustrated, confused brand-hopper searching for a solution. Nothing ever really felt right and if it did, it wasn’t for long. My career at the time was in management consulting, so I spend evenings and nights researching and teaching myself about materials, what actually makes swimwear lasts. I identified a patented textile fiber that lasts up to ten times as long as traditional fabrics.

I ditched all the things I hated about swimwear -uncomfortable seams digging into the skin, materials that quickly lost their shape and unflattering styles. After two years of development, I came up with a new way of constructing swimwear that would make them work with –not against –the female body. After a long search (like a year) I found our excellent production partner in a small family factory outside Milan in Italy, with decades of experience making swimwear for the some of the most prestigious Italian Luxury Houses.

The relationships started out with a distressed exclamation from Antionella, the head seamstress – “Mama mia, it’s so difficult to make Demadly –you don’t do like everyone else”. Well, that was the whole point (I thought to myself)! 

The result is a new category of timeless and sophisticated swimwear, made to last in an ethical, sustainable and revolutionary way. Created of non-toxic materials that are safe both for the environment and to wear next to your skin. I hope you love wearing Demadly as much as we love making it.

With love, Madeleine