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Our Values


We believe that the choices we all make have an impact on the world we live in. How we choose to make our purchases makes a direct difference in peoples lives, health and safety -now and in the future. We believe it is far better to produce close to our main markets, working with seamstresses who receive fair wages, along with vacation, maternity, and sick leave. We believe in quality over quantity. We believe that it is better to design timeless, beautiful styles that you want to wear season after season, instead of going for the latest trend that will fade fast anyway. We believe in finding your true self, and being you, bold and brave to shine.



Demadly is committed to producing swimwear consciously and ethically. Below are our key initiatives driving us toward long term sustainability in our garments and business practices.

  • We produce as local as possible with people we know well. Our main production site is nestled in a small village between Bergamo and Milano, in Italy and within one hour distance all our fabrics, trims and bikini bags are being made.
  • We produce in limited batches and only produce styles as required to minimise waste and limit our environmental impact.
  • The fabric in our bikini bags is biodegradable and contain no PVC. Made in Italy.
  • The recycled fabrics we choose have reached the highest degree of quality and are certified GRS.
  • We always choose the highest quality available, and avoid excess whenever possible
  • While we are in the process of converting to 100% biodegradable packaging, all current packaging waste is taken to a recycling facility to ensure it is processed responsibly.
  • We are in the process of testing plastic free hygiene liners.

We are not perfect—nothing and no one ever is—but we are constantly striving for improvement. If you have any ideas or feedback to share with us, please reach out. In the end, magic happens in the co-creation between us.

Love, Madeleine