Founder's story: 

"Before I created Demadly, I was traveling around the world in ill-fitting swimwear that made me feel uncomfortable and not really like my best self (half-naked on the beach). I was sincerely a frustrated, confused brand-hopper searching for a solution. Nothing ever really felt right and if it did, it wasn’t for long. My career at the time was in management consulting, so I spend evenings and nights researching and teaching myself about materials, what actually makes swimwear lasts. I identified a patented textile fiber that lasts up to ten times as long as traditional fabrics.

I ditched all the things I hated about swimwear -uncomfortable seams digging into the skin, materials that quickly lost their shape and unflattering styles. After two years of development, I came up with a new way of constructing swimwear that would make them work with –not against –the female body. After a long search (like a year) I found our excellent production partner in a small family factory outside Milan in Italy, with decades of experience making swimwear for the some of the most prestigious Italian Luxury Houses.

The relationships started out with a distressed exclamation from Antionella, the head seamstress – “Mama mia, it’s so difficult to make Demadly –you don’t do like everyone else”. Well, that was the whole point (I thought to myself)! 

The result is a new category of timeless and sophisticated swimwear, made to last in an ethical, sustainable and revolutionary way. Created of non-toxic materials that are safe both for the environment and to wear next to your skin. I hope you love wearing Demadly as much as we love making it.

With love, Madeleine