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Our Story

Founder's story: 

"Before I created Demadly, I was traveling around the world in swimwear that made me feel uncomfortable and not really like my best self (half-naked on the beach). Nothing ever really felt right and if it did, it wasn’t for long.

My day job at the time was in management consulting, so I spend evenings researching and teaching myself about materials, what actually makes swimwear lasts. I identified a patented textile fiber that lasts up to ten times as long as traditional fabrics.

My ambitions were high from the start. I set out to deliver the best bikini, in all aspects, and with the best intentions. I ditched all the things I hated about swimwear -uncomfortable seams digging into the skin, materials that quickly lost their shape and unflattering styles. After two years of development, I found a new way of constructing swimwear that would make them work with –not against –the female body. After a throughout search I found our excellent production partner in a small family-owned factory outside Milan in Italy, with decades of experience making swimwear for the some of the most prestigious Italian Luxury Houses.

The relationships started out with a distressed exclamation from Antionella, the head seamstress – “Mama mia, it’s so difficult to make Demadly –you don’t do like everyone else”. Well, that was the whole point (I thought to myself)! 

The result is a new category of timeless and sophisticated swimwear, made to last in an ethical, sustainable and revolutionary way. Created of non-toxic materials that are safe both for the environment and to wear next to your skin. 

The design of our Demadly pieces provide you with a sense of the nordic aesthetics. Inspired by my homeland, Swedish Lapland, with its powerful raw nature and folkloric tales. Our collection gives a special tribute to the indigenous people of our land, the ‘Samis’, by fusing shamanic braids, tassels and golden symbols. 

I’m proud that after only one year after launching Demadly, we were the first ever Swedish swimwear brand invited to show at the Miami Swim Week. Our signature styles have been chosen by Hollywood celebrities as well as European princesses. But what makes me the most proud is that once a customer has tried a Demadly, she feels like a "million-dollar lady" herself on the beach. 

I hope you love wearing Demadly as much as we love making it.

With love, Madeleine